Proposal Writing

May 21, 2016

Do you want to sharpen existing fundraising and proposal writing skills?

Or do you want to enter this highly demanded sector?

Participants will leave the intensive course with a better understanding of fundraising principals, practical skills in proposal writing, and ability to formulate and implement fundraising plans.


This course is designed for professionals (in academia, non-governmental, govern-mental, and private sector organizations) seeking to strengthen their fundraising capacity, and for beginners interested in entering the fundraising profession.



Day 1

Introduction to Fundraising

History of Fundraising

Social Influences of Giving

Solicited vs. Non-solicited Fundraising

Fundraising Methods (direct response, online fundraising, donor, corporate giving, grant fundraising)

Roles of Board- Staff-Volunteers


Developing a Fundraising Plan

Setting Fundraising Goal

Analyzing Donor Base

Evaluating Fundraising Assets

Developing a Fundraising Strategy

Polishing the Final Plan

Evaluation of the Plan


Day 2

Proposal Writing


Writing a letter of inquiry

The proposal narrative

Formulating a Needs Analysis

Developing Goals- objectives- methods,

Monitoring and Evaluation

Budgets and Packaging, etc.


Day 3

Attracting and Keeping Supporters

Branding (selling your image)

Developing Communications Materials

Donor-friendly Websites and Social Media

Basics of Donor Relations

Fundraising as a Career

Challenges and opportunities


Trainer: Mai Farsakh; professional fundraiser with 10+ years of cross-sectoral experience.   

Mai is a seasoned fundraiser, with 10+ years of experience in the field. She has held fundraising posts from across a spectrum of institutions (from donor organizations to academia, private sector, and non-governmental organizations) helping them to secure and manage millions of dollars.  Mai has likewise lent her support, on a consultative basis, to tens of organizations throughout the years.  As both a Palestinian and a native English speaker (holding a BA and Masters from the US), Mai has keen insight into needs on the ground and the best ways in appealing to donors’ mentalities in their regard.  Her eloquence, experience, and pragmatisms will help to guide trainees towards a stronger foothold in the professional fundraising arena.