Our Management Consulting

Our professional advisory services assist managers and organizations to achieve organizational purposes and objectives by solving management and business problems, identifying and seizing new opportunities, enhancing learning, and implementing changes.

Our professional management consultants provide advisory services include, but are not limited to, strategic planning, facilitation, quality assurance, education and training, investment counsel, identification and analysis of management problems, developing solutions, and the implementation of proposed solutions..


Our professional management consultants are hired when an organization lacks sufficient resources, requires our objective advice, or because we have expertise not available within the client organization. We are specialized in helping organizations solve particular types of problems, challenges or changes.

Some of our Specializations are in:
  • Finance: we provide advice on matters such as pricing securities, business valuation and economic forecasting.
  • Human resources: we advise about recruitment practices, compensation and benefits packages, pension funding, workforce diversification and employee development programs.
  • Litigation: we work with lawyers to develop case strategies, courtroom exhibits and tactics, and provide economic analyses.
  • Sales & Marketing: we work with companies seeking innovative ways to market new or existing products and services.
  • Operations: we help organizations increase productivity by improving business processes.
  • Organizational change: we work with clients undergoing a fundamental re-orientation in the way the organization operates.
  • Quality management: we help organizations improve the quality of their products and services.
  • Strategic: we help organizations with strategic planning for the foreseeable future (which may include developing a growth strategy, restructuring, marketing internationally, buying/selling assets, or revitalizing leadership).
  • Technology: we help organizations implement new technologies for optimal effectiveness.

SHRM Learning System® Advantage

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SHRMSM 's learning system means:

  • Proven success
  • Current topics
  • A broadened HR perspective
  • Ongoing practical reference
  • Up-to-date knowledge
  • Expert guidance from faculty and subject matter specialists
  • Refresher on the basics
  • Diverse study material


Our consultants have massive experience dealing with specific circumstances. They have relevant academic degrees that pertain to the tasks needed to be performed.

Our management consultants typically submit a proposal describing their understanding of the client's needs, their approach, methodology, proposed deliverables, credentials and professional fees.

Our selection to our consultants is based on the basis of:

  • 1

    Skills and competencies

  • 2Adherence to ethics and standards
  • 3Availability
  • 4References
  • 5Professional fees and available budget

Duties & Methodologies

Our professional management consultants provide objective advice that will help an organization solve problems or manage change, including business start-up, expansion, reorganization, diversification, downsizing, disposal of assets, planning, review of operations, launching projects, or acquiring and implementing technology.

  • Define the nature and extent of the project by gathering information (which may include conducting research to determine the current efficiency and effectiveness of managerial policies and procedures.
  • Analyze the data collected and use our background knowledge to develop proposals for improving methods, systems and/or procedures.
  • Present our recommendations to the client organization and, if our recommendations are accepted, implement those recommendations.