The Certified Young Business Professional was designed by the International Business Training Association (IBTA), the global standard for essential business skills. Having established standards for international business skills training for our global industries and businesses, IBTA has now established a global standard for introducing High School students to the business world. 

The curriculum draws from real life global business situations, derived from feedback from the thousands of businesses and employees that have contributed through the hundreds of business training partners that IBTA has worldwide.

The curriculum covers the essentials required to start a business giving insight into how an entrepreneur thinks. It also gives examples of types of business and the motivation behind them. Students will understand the main components and skills required to make a business successful.

They will learn about technologies and software that are used to make business more efficient, and finally, they will learn what it takes to be a leader and a good business manager.

Curriculum is designed as a High School class that can be taught in an average school year, allowing High School Principals, Curriculum Coordinators and School Districts to simply assign it as one of the classes a high school student can choose.

Curriculum is also designed for After-School programs and Summer Camps 
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