Horse Assisted Learning


My Horse – Your Coach

The main trainers are our horses giving a feedback to our seminar participants regarding their attitudes, personality, and leadership skills.

The human Co-Trainers build a bridge to understand and reflect the participant’s behavior in the seminar and their personal and work life.

Horses are powerful educators. They offer experiential learning in a format that translates well into the workplace or day to day living. Giving real feedback, Horse Assisted Education enables us to develop our skills in a memorable and enjoyable way. The Horse is a very present being, very real, living always in the here and now. Within a very short time, it is able to get people to focus on what is essential for them. In a horse, reality and vision are uniquely connected. Learning with a horse requires one hundred percent concentration, presence and awareness. A horse is absolutely a real being. Working with horses fosters courage, strength, creativity and willingness to take risks, but at the same time also fosters a sense of responsibility, reliability, patience and determination.

That makes people, working with horses in Horse Assisted Seminars, learn about 100 % presence, responsibility, self- confidence, awareness, and all that is necessary to develop leadership skills.          

The Horse, with its historical and mystical background opens horizons, changes belief systems, empowers people to step out of the box. It is able to hold a mirror to us and to uncover what we often even do not admit or want: insecurities, fears, we deal with distance and closeness, affection and rejection - horses read everything from the human body language.